Sometimes it’s all too easy to overthink what you need to do, until you are perfectly satisfied with your concept, project plan or blog until it seems perfect. Then another distraction will occur such as sudden budget cuts to deal with, ill child or partner and so there isn’t enough time to do what you planned.

Feels and sounds familiar?

Here is how to turn thinking and conceptualising into implementation.

Think Pareto. This is the professor who worked out we can reach around 80% of our results by focusing on the top 20 % of our goals. Or perhaps 80% of problems and complaints came from 20% of clients/sales.

The perfectionist in your head may writhe, but isn’t 80% better than 0%, the result of not finishing because it won’t be perfect.

You often find that your most important goal will encompass elements of other goals, thus achieving synergies. What are you really good at and passionate about it? Is it worth outsourcing/delegating what holds you back?

Think about a time when you were in flow and achieved your project, climbed the mountain? What learning can you use from that experience? What can you recycle?

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