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Peter James Hill – Development and Leadership Coach

Jan has a disarming and warm coaching style. I found her easy to open up to and I found myself at ease with her very quickly. Having said that, I also felt challenged by her and found myself reflecting on and challenging my own perspectives as we explored the topics I brought to coaching.I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Jan again.

Simeonka Manova - Internal Executive Coach Unicredit

I worked with Jan June-September 2016. I warmly recommend Jan for her professionalism, patience, and acceptance. She is concise, direct, clear, grounded, and pragmatic. I learnt how to value myself more and how to say “no” without hurting anybody. Call her if you want a qualified and professional coach and you need to settle your priorities and stay grounded!

Hilary Jeanes - Director, PurpleLine Consulting Limited

I enjoyed working with Jan. I found her warm, supportive approach helpful in getting to grips with some business challenges I had at the time we worked together. Thank you, Jan. 

Alex Khrapov - CEO Headway Coaching Group

I hired Jan in the end of 2013 and we worked for several months over a broad range of issues. Despite my challenging diversity of topics from personal to business, Jan easily handled it and helped me to explore and advance in multiple directions. Jan is highly skillful and a very dedicated coach. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is serious to hire a professional coach. Top quality is guaranteed. Thank you Jan.

Iryna Borovynskaia - HR Manager @ Luxor Management

I was Jan’s client twice. Every time it was very fruitful and productive cooperation. We focused on both life and business issues, and I can say that I benefited in every case. I highly appreciate Jan’s patience and engagement. She let me see situations from different perspectives, using appropriate questions. After every session, I felt really motivated and able to act. Jan can inspire even if you come in bad humour. I can recommend Jan as a person who will help you to move upwards to another level of your life and business. Thank you, Jan!

Anouck Grandsire - SERHUM Founder, Coaching & Consultancy Hamburg - Toulouse - Paris

Thank you Jan for supporting me with your clear presence. Your coaching is warming like a cup of tea : infusing and energising. You really succeeded in helping me to deflate the ball of worry which I had carried with me for a long time.  You empowered me to start a new challenge in a stress-free way. Your coaching really increased my well-being !

Kim Wood - Head of Centre Services at headspace

Jan is a very warm and supportive coach. She gave me plenty of space to explore the issues I brought to our sessions, offering useful insights and helping me to identify my blind spots in an encouraging and gentle manner. During the course of our coaching program, I developed a business idea, built a website and secured advisors and an R&D team. Jan's coaching supported me to move forward much more rapidly than I thought possible!

Stephanie Davies - Founder of Life after Cancer

Jan is a wonderful coach who supported me in moving forward over a number of sessions. She is a great listener who gently guided me in the direction needed. Thank you for your time & positive energy.

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