It’s interesting how words have more than one meaning. I was musing earlier today about confidence.

The concise Oxford Dictionary defines it as
“Firm trust;
Impart a secret;

So what is interesting about that? It leads the way to synergy.

If you are truly collaborating with someone, you have a firm trust in them. You feel open to share issues which you have kept secret. And finally because you are liberated, you can be bold.

How is this relevant to overcoming being bullied?

You feel alone, isolated and your trust in your self is leaching away. In your inner heart you know that you don’t feel bold. So you aren’t likely to challenge the perpetrator. And least of all, expose yourself to the vagaries of your organisation’s anti bullying policy.

Most people I know have heartily wished their bully would disappear. But in reality that is unlikely to happen. However, you can imagine the unpleasantness and aggression disappearing and feel powerful enough to move forward.

I tried this on my own and still felt wobbly. Not able to see it through. However, I imagined sending my bully into the distance to a point of invisibility, but with a gift to be a kinder person. Magically I could see that I could challenge the unwanted behaviour and say firmly and confidently how the whole situation could be resolved. No postmortem, no retribution, no long drawn out formal process, but working collaboratively for the future.

It worked. I felt empowered to decide my future, without being drained of energy having to go over in detail about issues which caused me pain, sapped my confidence, and disempowered me, to others.
Be confident in your self and say goodbye to bullying.

I can help you do this.

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